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Offerings - Jun 2017

Core Offering

G3D Showcase VR Experience creation
Top View Rendering 3D Floor Plans for Brochures and Banners
Info Pop-outs Highlight features interactively
Analytics Traffic data, for better insights
Ease of Sharing Online sharing tools for the experience
Embeddability Embed experiences on your website
Navigation Tools Menu systems / Gaze travel
Audio Overlay A voice-over to describe your spaces
3D 360° VR With real depth
3D Snapshots Promotional material for Banners

Add Ons

Exterior Rendering VR Experience for Exteriors
Site Photography Tour Showcase existing Properties
Experience Centre (AR) Overlay completed Projects render at Site
Sales Kit Offline Experiences for Sales Team
ShortLinking A g3d short link for your spaces
Project Page Get an immersive web page for your spaces

Special Offering

YouTube 360° An immersive 360° 3D v​ ideo experience in Youtube
Facebook 360° An immersive 360° 3D v​ ideo experience in Facebook
Video Walkthrough A 360° ​video experience for your space

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