How to run GMetri Experiences offline

All experiences created on the GMetri Platform can be run offline. The offlining feature depends on the subscription plan chosen by your organization.

To run a GMetri VR experience offline, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the experience that you wish to run offline.
  2. On the bottom-right of the page, find the storage option.

    preview image

  3. In the following screen, storage stats such as used and available space in your device are shown along with the total experience size. Click on the download button to start the offlining the experience.Wait for the download to complete.

    download project download project

  4. After the offlining process has completed, add the experience to your home screen for easy accessibility.

    add gmetri to home

  5. If this was your first time downloading a GMetri experience, you should see a screen as shown below. Click on the "Reload" button to finish the offlining process.

    reload browser

  6. Open the experience from the shortcut created on your device's home screen to run it offline.

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