Handling Authentication

Published GMETRI content has to be authenticated in several cases, and you may need to control access to your experiences especially for internal experiences.

There are a couple of ways to achieve this.

I - You Handle the Authentication

  • Embed the experience on their App/Website/etc. and keep the access to this page authenticated.
  • You can enable a text field at the beginning of the experience, asking users to input their unique identifier (Example. Employee ID for internal training) so you can reference that back to our analytics, if required.
  • This method will incur no additional charges from GMETRI. (Analytics charges, of course, are extra, and optional.)

II - We Handle the Authentication

  • You can create as many GMETRI view-only accounts for a project as required.
  • Example: A GMETRI view-only account can be provided to each trainee for a VR training module.
  • In this case, the authentication prompt will require credentials that have to be defined by the user during the first login.
  • This is a chargeable feature, and the pricing depends on the number of view-only accounts created.

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