What are the kind of insights I can get using Custom Dashboards

The GMetri platforms can store the following data points for any viewer of the immersive experiences:

  • What the user looks at / interacts with - including coordinates of the user(s)
  • When: The amount of time spent on the whole experience, per scene or looking at a single element
  • How the user interacts with his/her surroundings - including what buttons were clicked/ what actions were performed on which element(s)/scene(s), and tracking user score in quizzes

The above-captured metrics can be combined in various ways to get may insights through Custom Dashboard. These insights may include:

  • User Performace/Leaderboard - by combining the total score of the user with the time spent by the user in the experience, one can estimate how well the user may perform in a real-world scenario.
  • Creating domain-specific dashboards focusing on a few aspects of the training to gain further insights. Eg: measuring how one handles corrective situations in client interactions, or measuring how well versed a user is with technical processes, compliance, safety, soft-skills, etc.
  • Dashboard to focus on user time spent, to create a feedback loop to detect and fix problems in the immersive environment itself - for example, if a user doesn't spend enough time at a particular section vs. other sections, it could have something to do with the design of the scene or the storyboarding. This information can then feed into the correction of the scene/storyboard itself, and to and any improvements may be measured over time.

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