Which network ports needs to open for a private cloud deployment?

This is in continuation of the Private Cloud Deployment Guide.

Ideally, within the cluster, communication needs to be open - i.e. all cluster nodes should be able to contact all ports of all other cluster nodes.

However in case a list of open ports is required, you can use the following list:

Description Within Cluster (In AND Out) External Load Balancer (In) Internet (Out)
Kubernetes Specific 22 TCP
80 TCP
443 TCP
2376 TCP
2379 TCP
2380 TCP
6443 TCP
6783 TCP
6783-6784 UDP
8472 UDP
9099 TCP
10250 TCP
10254 TCP
80 TCP 443 TCP git.rancher.io:

Workload Specific 30000-32767 TCP & UDP
Project Specific 3000-3100 TCP
3306 TCP
5432 TCP
6739 TCP

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