Emoji Description

Add an Emoji icon


  • Can be used as a Button
  • Image Frame
  • Arrow/Indicator/Hotspot


Property Description
Emoji The emoji to be shown can be selected from an extensive catalog here
Transform The Transform section in the Properties tab can be used to manually set the position, rotation and scale of the element in the X, Y and Z coordinates
WH Width and Height Width and Height define the aspect ratio of the Element frame.
Scale Scale Scale can be used to enlarge or shrink the element uniformly
Opacity Opacity Opacity can be used to control the transparency of the element. (1.00 is Opaque and 0.00 is Invisible) An element with 0.00 opacity will still remain interactive.
Hidden Hidden Hiding the element makes the element invisible and disables all interaction with it as well.
Animation Animation There are 3 types of default animations - Bounce, Rotate, Fade. These can be used to give an element visual emphasis.
When Events
  • is clicked
  • is hovered
  • is pressed
  • is released
Then Actions
  • appear
  • disappear
  • toggle show/hide


Android (Google Chrome) iOS (Google Chrome) Oculus Go PC (Google Chrome)
Yes Yes Yes Yes

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