Viewer Groups

Viewer Group is a set of people allowed to see a deployment on the GMetri Platform. Every Deployment has a Viewer Group and anyone in an organization can create a Viewer Group. Several types of Viewer Groups can be created.

Create Viewer Groups

To create a viewer group (and to access all your viewer groups and their settings):

  • Click on your avatar, then choose Viewer Groups from the menu.

avatar menu

  • This will redirect you to the Viewer Groups page.

viewer groups page

ℹ️ The Viewer Groups viz. Public, Social and Editor are default Viewer Groups and cannot be removed or renamed.

  • Click on + Viewer Group. This will add a new entry to the Viewer Group section.
  • Upon doing so, you can expand this entry to change its settings.

viewer groups expanded

  • You can choose among the three options available for the viewer groups. How to set them and what they do is explained in the Types of Viewer Groups sub-section below.

Types of Viewer Groups

Viewer Groups can be categorized as follows:

  1. SSO based
  2. Custom Login Form based
  3. Token based

Apply Viewer Group to a Deployment

To apply a viewer group to a particular deployment, head over to the deployment section.