Team members of an organization

On the GMetri platform, when you signup for a new account, an organization is automatically created for you. This is where your projects are and this is where you can add more team members to the oraganization as per your requirements.

Inviting Team members

To add a team member, please goto you settings page

Settings page

NOTE: Only the organization's admins can add more team members.

Here, scroll down to the team members section, click on + Invite and then enter the email address of person you wish to add to the organization. The invited person will be sent an email where they can accept your invitation.

PRO TIP: To prevent abuse of the system, we dont allow bulk invites of team members via the website, if you wish to add team members in bulk, please contact us.

Removing a Team member

To remove a team member, visit the settings page and under the team memeber section, simply click on remove and that team member will no longer have access to any of your organizations projects

NOTE: Only the organization's admins can remove team members.

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