Converting your 3D Models for the editor

Our platform has 3D model support but works only with the lightweight web-based gtlf or glb version 2 formats. You can convert your 3D model files to glb here.

Compatible Formats:

  • 3MF
  • AMF
  • FBX
  • OBJ and MTL
  • GLTF and GLB version 1. Upload any .BIN, .FRAG, or .VERT files alongside your model (shader materials will export as grey).
  • Collada ( DAE )
  • Three.js JSON format.
  • PCD (ASCII and Binary)
  • PLY (ASCII and Binary)
  • STL (ASCII and Binary)

Alternatively, here are the GMetri guidelines to directly export your models to the gltf/glb v2 format:

  • from 3ds Max
  • from Blender

Also, Please refer our basic guideline on 3D model creation best practices.

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