Think your company is special? Let the new joinees know exactly how by starting the immersion even before they come on campus. Not all those who are hired make it to the joining date, the statistic varies wildly with some as low as 32% in the technology sector, however, companies can ensure that hired candidates feel a part of the company and its culture by keeping them engaged with immersive XR experiences that their content team can churn out using GMetri.

An experience designed by Bosch to introduce new employees to the mind boggling array of verticals and services maintained by the company.

Timeline: Experience maketh an organisation:
The history of the organisation become corporate folklore, it is important that your new employees recognise and identify with the mission of the company and what the organisation considers to be an achievement. An interactive timeline is part of most onboarding experience, where

What is a typical day in your organisation?
Hiring teams talk about the foreign trips, the opportunities to grow, and all the other glamorous elements of the organisation. Perhaps, the most important thing in this list is an introduction to what it is like to spend a sizable chunk of your day here, day in and day out. After all, you want employees who can withstand the test of time.

A walk through your workplace:
Human beings have spatial memories, one of the greatest advantages of immersive technologies lie in transporting you to another place. You can use the GMetri platform to create a walkthrough of the office premises and flaunt the facilities painstakingly added to create a happy workplace environment.

Know thy team:
Introduce all members of your team, the key stakeholders of the organisation, the hierarchies you respect within an immersive experience gamified to ensure your new joinees retain all the information flowing to them.

An introduction to your team

Have a few expectations? Relay them early:
Each organisation has their set of norms, faster alignment reduces friction and saves money for the organisation. You can relay the content in an interactive easy to remember format accompanied with quizzes.

When to share the onboarding experience?
Ideally, we recommend making the onboarding experiences a part of your welcome kit, you can keep on refining and releasing them in bursts spread across the entire period before the joining date. Special activities can be designed for the D day itself. The GMetri platform enables geofencing for sensitive content that any organisation wishes to ensure can only be accessed within their premises.

Geo-fencing your experience on GMetri