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Custom Solutions

Custom VR/AR Solutions

We code from scratch: full customization - no limits! Get in touch with us, we would love to brainstorm with you and help you take your enterprise into Virtual Reality.

"coming from the world of architecture and software development we understand the perception of space and the technology to recreate it virtually"

Real Estate

Our real estate showcase, ideaRooms, lets you experience unbuilt spaces in interactive VR environments. Potential clients can visualize their future homes, walk around in them and interact to explore various customizations. ideaRooms comes with the following features:

  • Browser access - no app install needed
  • One-click sharing (whatsapp, facebook, linkedin)
  • Cross platform (android, ios, mac, windows, HMD)
  • Data analytics (traffic, platform, gaze data, ++)


Virtual Showroom

Do you retail furniture, AEC products or lighting? Our Virtual Reality showroom, ideaRooms, lets you show how your products really look in their natural environment. Why worry about bringing clients to your space, when you can take your space to them?

  • Interactive menus
  • Customize furniture, surfaces, lighting, ++
  • Jump between zones(living, kitchen, bed, ++)
  • Fixed base price
Virtual Store

Virtual Reality Store

Curated shopping experiences with interactive products, augmented product information and custom advertisements. Our virtual store platform enables the future of retail.

  • Pick up products
  • In-store advertisements
  • Data analytics
Training using VR


GMETRI’s training solutions create a base for customizable modules that showcase a variety of immersive content, and provide trainees a real-world experience accessible from anywhere.

  • Real life simulations
  • Video playback inside VR environment
  • Soft skill/etiquette training
  • Assessment(quiz)
Data Visualization

VR Data Visualization

Our ability to navigate and interpret data still relies heavily on our visual cortex- the part of our brain responsible for processing visual information. Virtual Reality takes the viewer into the digital world and offers a unique opportunity to better understand data patterns.